Literacy Night a Huge Success!

Literacy Night a Huge Success!

Dear TJ Families,

Thank you all so much for attending the family literacy night Thursday evening!  We were so happy and honored that you chose to spend some time with us to promote literacy with your children.  I was afraid many would not be able to attend with the rescheduling, but you came out in droves!!  

I was so proud of the children!!  They were all very well behaved, exhibited the Cardinal Code, and participated in the activities.  I was also proud of the TJ staff!  They worked really hard and put in a lot of team work to make the event a success.  These are examples of why I love TJ and this district so much.

We hope you all made it home safe and are snuggled in reading books!!!  Thanks, again!
Mrs. Mick 

Trisca Mick

Trisca Mick
Administration - Principal

  Thomas Jefferson Elementary

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